Mellerio ‘mechanical’ flower brooch

Mellerio ‘mechanical’ flower brooch





This very glamorous 1950s gold and tremblant diamond flower brooch is by the well-known French jewellers Mellerio, a firm that was originally founded in Italy in 1613 and moved to France under the patronage of Louis XIV and succeeding French kings. Surviving the revolution, they opened a shop in the Rue de la Paix in 1815, and currently have shops around the world, led by the fourteenth successive Mellerio to head the company – a unique and impressive they move as the wearer moves. The petals are hinged and can be opened or closed to show more or less of the diamond stamens, which are mounted on springs en tremblant Mellerio have always been known for their innovative designs,and the five petals of this flower brooch can be set open, or largely closed, mostly hiding the trembling diamond-set stamens, set with around 1 1/2 carats of brilliant-cut diamonds. Height: 2 1/2 inches: 65 mm


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